0>1 Sometimes- Leadership SHIFT Tip

Growing up I spent Saturday mornings watching cartoons like The Road Runner and Hong Kong Phooey and I loved the School House Rock math videos like 3 is the Magic NumberFigure 8, and Good 11. Don’t laugh; I’m comfortable embracing my inner math geek.

Every number from 0 to 12 had a video except poor number 1, but don’t worry, it gets the last laugh because nothing begins without it.

“I wasn’t Seth Godin for the first 3000 blog posts. I’m only Seth Godin now.”
- Seth Godin as shared on The Stoic Creative with Scott Perry.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is 10 or 10 million dollars, followers, or customers, it all starts with just one drip followed by another followed by another. It’s the success formula that few share in a world that wants to go viral or outperform the “hockey stick” forecast.

Yes, 1 > 0 as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth, and your math teacher taught you. It’s a formula that solves most problems, but it may not work when considering a new job, connection, or client that doesn’t align with your boundaries and values.

These problems can be frustrating to solve because in these cases 0 > 1. Don’t panic; you can solve it. And once you do, you may remember why you hated math and why zero is your hero.

Have Fun Storming the Castle.

p.s., Thanks for the birthday wishes yesterday.

“The perfect story of making lemonade out of lemons — really big sour lemons!”
- A favorite Shift review from Amazon this week

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