Want to go to a Movie? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

If I asked you to go to a movie about a young girl who kills someone, groups up with three down on their luck men, and then kills again, I bet you would tell me it was your night to wash your hair. I wouldn't blame you. 

But if I shared with you that the story was really about an exciting journey of escape, self-discovery, gratitude, and female empowerment, then I may have some takers. I'll even buy the popcorn and candy.  

With just a slight shift we can see that a story, like The Wizard of Oz, is different through a new lens. It's also true for the stories we tell ourselves and share with others. 

The darker stories that we create with worry and doubt, hold us back. They prevent us from leaning in and pursuing the success we desire. They litter our headspace and keep our best out of reach.  

But with a different script, you can bring forward the story inside of you. It's the engaging story of your courage, resilience, and value. 

"If can't tell anything; you can't sell anything"
- Beth Comstock

Your company has a story as well. It's an anthology of your team members' personal stories, as well as the one that your organization shares. 

If it doesn't have one, get writing before we make one up on our own. Because when we don't know, we tend to go dark. 

But when it's compelling, you increase the likelihood that they will travel down the yellow brick road with you. You will be happy to have the company on your journey, those lions, tigers, and bears can be scary. See you at the movies. 

Have Fun Storming the Castle! 

p.s., Happy Birthday to my amazing wife. I'm grateful to be part of her story.


"There's no greater agony than bearing the untold story inside you."
-  Maya Angelou