Maria Sharapova and Me - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Like most people, including me, you rountinly grab your phone and scroll through social media trying to determine what you have missed since the last time you looked — which may have been just fifteen minutes ago.

From time to time, you may come across an insightful article or new perspective among the curated images of your connections and influencers’ #blessed lives. They seem to make everything look so easy and perfect.

Well, earlier this month I had a little curated moment of my own. I went to Maria Sharapova’s first book signing in NYC for her memoir, Unstoppable. I’m a fan of Maria’s resilience and thought it would be a cool way to spend a rare day off.

I bought two autographed copies of her book, chatted with her about Tim Ferris (don’t ask me why) for forty-five seconds, gave her a copy of my memoir, Shift, and took this picture which I promptly posted on Instagram, of course.

My “Maria Moment” quickly became my most viewed photo in my sparsely followed IG feed. Folks told me that “I rocked” and we looked so natural together.

But if they only knew. My #mariaandme moment included tolls, parking, and a four-hour wait. And heck, part of the reason I look so happy is because I could see the restroom in the distance. Next time, I’m going to skip that venti latte.

Although it wasn’t the most productive use of my time, it was a fun experience and an important reminder that social media can become a trap.

It can trigger beliefs that we are “not enough” when we start to compare our lives to those social media darlings with a team of photographers and makeup artists who try to curate their “perfect.”

As a result, life’s authentic moments like cleaning up after your dog, folding the laundry, and just trying to figure out what the heck to make for dinner never get shared.

So follow, scroll, like, and share if you wish, but remember that there are no winners in today’s curated, popularity contest. Just be You — because you don’t need the perfect photo to prove that you rock.


p.s., You can win one of my autographed copies of Unstoppable on IG. Click to find out how.

“If you want to be happy. Stop trying to be perfect”
- Brene´ Brown