Deposit Early and Often - Leadership SHIFT Tip

My first professional sales territory was challenging. It contained the roughest parts of D.C. and a significant concentration of Capitol Hill non-profits.   

Success required a Zig Ziglar approach and intense pavement pounding  - that is, '90s style hustle. Unfortunately, my financial acumen didn't match my sales skills - early in my career I was better at spending money than saving it. 

So when my territory hit a rough patch due to the recession, I experienced a financial crash landing. On my way to a friend's football party, I hit the ATM to get some cash for snacks, but nothing came out of the machine. With my credit cards max outed, my account balance read $ -3.13 - payday was three days away. 

I skipped my friend's party, went home, and crawled into bed with my shame. The next morning I woke up committed to using my embarrassment as fuel to achieve better financial energy.  

"People have got to learn:
if they don't have cookies in the cookie jar, 
they can't eat cookies"

- Suze Orman

Last week during a talk, I remembered this moment and shared a connection between financial and relationship health - we should put in at least as much as we take out over time. 

We all face the possibility of a rough patch due to a loss, bad luck, or sickness. It's always easier to weather these moments knowing that our peloton is ready to help. But getting there takes the same path that is needed for financial success - invest in your relationships early and often.   
Because to have fun storming the castle, you need a compassionate peloton and enough money for snacks.