When you give a moose a muffin... -Leadership SHIFT Tip

When my girls were learning how to read, a favorite book was, If you Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Joffee Numeroff.

If you don’t know it, let me give you the gist. A moose comes to your home and your child offers him a muffin. All reasonable events, right? Well, then it gets a little far-fetched — the moose wants blackberry jam with his muffin and a cascade of high jinks ensues.

“Wisdom consists of the anticipation
of consequences” 
Norman Cousins

It’s a cute story for new readers and their parents. And hidden within is a valuable leadership lesson or two for every four-year-old eager to be a commercial executive one day. The first — be aware of moose. Which probably only applies to those living in Alaska and Canada. The second is that our actions have consequences.

Whether you are considering changes to your incentive compensation plan or organizational structure, it’s important to pause, breathe, and reflect on all the potential consequences — not just the one you desire.

Because if your perspective is limited, it’s easy to plant the seeds of your next problem in today’s solution. After all, once you are done having fun storming the castle, you need to figure out how to furnish it.