Overcorrection - Leadership SHIFT Tip

A few months into our dating life, my wife and I drove from D.C to N.Y.C. so she could run the NYC marathon.  As we entered Manhattan, I became hesitant, so she encouraged me to drive a little more aggressively. 

With her suggestion, I went from 2 to 11 on the aggressive scale. I thought I was doing great until I looked at my wife. My overcorrection left her white as a ghost.

"Courage starts with showing up and
letting ourselves be seen.”

- Brene Brown

Before the holiday break, I read Adam Grant's Esquire interview with Ashley Judd. Adam shared that since #metoo, he has heard from "male executives who are afraid of mentoring women one-on-one and doing something that might make them uncomfortable."

These executives are overcorrecting.   

With so many courageous women sharing their stories via #metoo, it's time that we find the courage to lean in and have a different conversation with our female colleagues. We can start by asking the question that Judd shared with Grant,"Why not ask women directly what they're comfortable with?"

In the video below, I share six ways us guys can become better partners with our female colleagues in 2018 and avoid overcorrecting.  The six ways represent the acronym, I'M SEEN. 

Have fun storming the castle. It's better when we do it together.