Who Else Wants to be the Wealthiest Person They Know? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

A few days ago I was in California for an off-site, and my host found a VRBO mansion to hold the event in Malibu's fancy-pants foothills. 

From the curb, its 8,600 square feet on two acres looked impressive, and by some measures, a definition of success and wealth.  

As we ventured inside, we discovered it's lux media room, spa, pool, elevator, multi-camera security system, seven bedrooms, six parking spaces, several wall hangings of Michael Jackson and a range of eclectic tchotchkes. 

But it was missing something that wasn't in the Zillow listing -  warmth.  

If having the biggest house, largest cup or multiple bicycles is your jam - that's cool. Just remember that your stuff, like yourself, is only a vessel, and if you want to be the wealthiest person you know, it's wise to pay more attention to what you put inside.  

Because wealth without a solid core is just a bubble and we all know what happens to bubbles.  

Have fun storming the castle! It's a charming four bedroom with open spaces, natural light, and a warm soul, but you won't find it on Zillow. It's only available to peloton members.