Enjoy the Silence - Leadership SHIFT Tip

I distinctly remember the morning. Before the sunrise, I crawled out of bed and into my wheelchair. Then I wheeled myself to the quietest place I could find. I was searching for silence amidst the noise of the hospital. 

Seth Godin once wrote that professional marketers were different than amateurs because they were better at being quiet.  

Over the years, I've learned that this is true for any profession, leader, and those wanting to be the wealthiest person they know. 

Pros listen, quiet their monkey minds, and don't need the last word. They are comfortable with the silent tension before hearing yes and value the power of the pause. 

Amateurs just create noise that doesn't connect.

Be a Pro. 

This week's Shift Tip video is your moment of Zen. Enjoy the silence and then go have fun storming the castle.





Mindsetmichael obrien