What I Heard on Friday - Leadership SHIFT Tip

It's not every day you hear a keynote speaker share the virtues of the butt funnel, but it happened on Friday. Yep, that's right. 

I was speaking, butterflies included, at the National Speakers Association meeting in NYC about my story and memoir.  

The keynote speaker was Brant Pinvidic. It turns out he's the smart cookie behind the movie Why I'm Not on Facebook and the television show Bar Rescue to name two of his award-winning projects. He also has a special relationship with a turkey which you need to see.  

As he was sharing a story about Bar Rescue, he introduced the concept of butt funnels - I'm not making up this up. In today's era, I wasn't alone in wondering where he was going with his story and you might be feeling the same way right now. 

Well, it turns out that the most successful bars design narrow, funnel-like sections that force people to bump into each other on the way to the dance floor.   

Then it's all biology, endorphins, and "bartender, can I get..."  

Now, I'm not recommending this blueprint for corporate America, but what if you created a different funnel that encouraged folks to close their laptops, leave their silos, and connect in person more frequently?

Now that's something that deserves a toast. 

Have fun storming the castle! See you Thursday.  

p.s., Last week I wrote about Cru. Thank you for all your messages and compassion. I posted a video of him running on LinkedIn if you want to see him in action.