What Would Lindsey Vonn Do? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Whoa, it was a cold one this morning on the bike. I could feel autumn's chill and a hint of winter - sorry, is it too soon to plant that seed? 

My training rides are my thinking time and sometimes, like today, I let my mind drift from topic to topic to see what surfaces.  

Today's nippy weather got me thinking about winter which got me thinking about skiing - for the record, I'm better at après-ski than skiing.

And then I got thinking about Lindsey Vonn - who is one of my favs - which reminded me of what I saw her do at the 2018 Olympics. And that connects to a recent conversation I had with our Pace Line Leadership Academy featured author, David Kolb.  

It's something that could help us level-up, but we rarely do it at work. So let me warm up, grab a coffee, and I will share what it is in this week's video Shift Tip.  https://youtu.be/LpU2InICzxU

Have fun storming the castle this weekend! See you on Monday.