Your Bonus Check - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Riddle me this riddler... 

We don't forecast the weather without giving a range of possibilities, predict elections without providing a margin of error, so why do we believe the dogma that incentive compensation and bonus goals are precise?  

One of my favorite moments each year was waxing on about each president club winner as they came to the stage. As they walked up, I would glance at their guest beaming with happiness and pride. It was such a cool moment.  

But one year during my flight back home from Kona, I thought about the representatives on the cusp of winning and knew that their goals weren't as exact as we wanted everyone to believe.  

My guilt sparked a change in philosophy.    

Over the years, I've spoken with a ton of pros and most have used words like random, uninspired, convoluted, roller coaster, lottery, or yo-yo to describe their incentive programs.  

Few say that their plans consistently reward the overall best. Leaders hesitate to hold their tribe members accountable because they wonder if next quarter's goals will paint a different picture of performance.

And when exploring new options, those vested in the status quo proclaim that, "There's no perfect plan" or "This is the way we have always done it." 

They may be right, but that's no reason to coast. 

I know you have a busy day planned so I will leave you with something to noodle...

What is your incentive program for? 

Let me know your answer because it will drive the health of your peloton, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with yo-yos.

Have fun storming the castle! Your bonus check was sent there. 

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