You Get What You Get - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Hey, it's Michael.

Yesterday was a big day. My youngest daughter, Grady, turned 18!  I needed a few P.B.R. moments to help me accept the reality that she's an adult. How did she get older and I stayed the same? Amazing, right? :) 

I've been keeping journals - which Grady and Elle don't believe are real - about their lives since they were born. During big moments, like birthdays, I read through them and add a passage or two.

It's always a nice walk down memory lane.

For example, when they were in pre-school and kindergarten, we would make grocery shopping a family activity. So every Saturday we would head to Whole Foods for bread, milk, toilet paper, and, many times, lunch.

More frequently than not, the girls wanted dessert. Who doesn't?

So we would pick up a piece of chocolate cake for them to share.

You may sense where this is going. Yes, we had some drama around who had the largest piece - ah, the vortex of status and comparison starts early.

In this week's video Shift Tip discover what we did to stop the drama and build a little more acceptance into our lives.

And if it hits home with you, please share with someone in your peloton.  

Have fun storming the castle weekend! Happy Birthday Grady Girl! 

Michael aka Dad