Why I Hated Halloween, But... - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When I younger I pretended to enjoy Halloween, but in truth, it was my least favorite holiday - minus the candy, of course. 

The great pumpkin incident of '73 and the obsessive inspection for foreign objects concealed in our bounty contributed to my feelings, but the main reason is that I never liked dressing up. 

But today I enjoy it - minus the pumpkin spiced everything, of course.  

Now I view it as a chance to see others which is strange to say considering it's a day reserved for a wearing a different type of mask.  

There's a joy in seeing the neighborhood kids shuffle through the autumn leaves and saying hello to their parents whom we may only briefly see as we rush to our busy. 

For a few hours, we slow down, laugh more, and express gratitude. It's an opportunity to open the door for each other, smile, and build a stronger community that last beyond the sugar highs.

And that sounds like something we should do more of at work to help us remove our corporate masks, show up as our full selves, and make life less scary.  

Happy Halloween and let me know your favorite trick or treat.  

Have fun storming the castle! They are giving away Bit 'O Honey, but don't tell my dentist.