It Costs $4.3 Trillion - Leadership SHIFT Tip

I heard this riddle early in my career and saw it again last week. Here it is: 

A man and his son get into a car accident. The man dies, and his son is badly injured. The son is taken to a hospital for emergency surgery. The distinguished surgeon takes one look at the boy and says, "I can't operate on him! He's my son?  

How can this be? 

Intersectionality is real - white women make 82% as much as men; it's 63 cents to the dollar for black women and 54 cents for Latinas. 

As a survivor of post-traumatic workshop disorder, diversity & inclusion workshops don't work if the C-Suite doesn't attend. You can't solve a systemic problem with two hours of powerpoint.  

Only 4.8% of Fortune 500 executives are women, and the U.S. has a world gender parity rank of 49th - Peru is 48th. Yep, that's right, Peru. 

Women get interrupted more frequently than men - but we didn't need multiple studies to prove this.  

The diversity of your team is as diverse as your interview panels because we are all biased.   

81% of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment. 

According to McKinsey, $4.3 Trillion could be added to GDP if we close the gender parity gap by 2025. 

Competence, regardless of gender, experiences, beliefs, never goes out of style and should always have an equal seat at the table.  

It's time to close the gap.  

Have fun storming the castle! It has a big table and plenty of chairs for women and men of all backgrounds and experiences.  

p.s. Do you think you are a Gender Parity Expert - take the quiz to find out how much you know. Click HERE to start the quiz.  

p.s.s., The surgeon, was the boy's mom.