ALL-IN - Leadership SHIFT Tip

They comfort us on our rough days. They don't judge or gossip. They don't keep score or care about our blemishes.

Their love is unconditional, minus walks and food, of course. 

They go ALL-IN. 

2018 is The Year of the Dog, and a few months ago I shared a post about dogs and relationships. It would be great if all relationships were as easy as the ones we have with our pets.

But humans are harder. We often decide to keep score and wait for the other person to make the first move. 

But with a little emotional labor, we can go first. We can assume good intentions, listen to connect, and mix in some empathy and vulnerability. We can stop keeping score and use that energy to have an ALL-IN conversation, move beyond just "meeting in the middle," and create a better tomorrow. 

Today's post is for our Cru. He never kept score. He went ALL-IN which included trying to put every one of his 100 pounds in your lap.

Each morning, I would walk downstairs and pour a glass of water. Cru would walk over, lean in, and wait for me to rub his ears. When I did, he made the most beautiful sound. It was true love and one of my favorite moments of each day. Boy, I miss that sound.

On Friday we lost Cru. He was a special guy, and I know he would want you to go ALL-IN, have fun storming the castle, and make today matter.