You Get What You Give - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Except for Black Friday's consumer frenzy, I dig November. I love Thanksgiving and one day that has gained momentum over the years, Giving Tuesday. 

As a faithful reader, you know that giving is an essential part of our peloton. All the proceeds of my memoir Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows go to World Bicycle Relief (WBR), and 10% of The Pace Line Leadership Academy membership fees go to WBR and Charity: Water  

Every November I like to give away books from my collection as a way to pay some goodness and wisdom forward. It's a way to continue that giving spirit as we head into the holidays.  

You can watch this week's fireside chat to discover how you give some of my books to someone in your peloton and help them become the wealthiest person they know.  In return, you'll get a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart.

And before you get your busy on today, I was hoping you could give me something as well. 

Today I start planning for next year and would love some Shift Tip feed-forward. 

  • Are there topics you want to dive into more frequently? 

  • Should I change the frequency or approach (i.e., blog vs. video)? 

  • Would you like to listen to a Shift Tip podcast? 

Let me know your thoughts and have fun storming the castle this weekend!  

See you Monday.