Room Where it Happens - Leadership SHIFT Tip

On my way down to D.C. for the Healthcare Business Women's Association annual conference in Washington, D.C., I cranked up the Hamilton soundtrack as an entertaining reminder that democracy is often an ego-driven mess - not that I needed much of a memory jog. 

This week's Shift Tip video is about the importance of knowing what's inside as you pursue being in the "Room Where it Happens." 

You can watch it (2 mins) here:

Have fun storming the castle and don't forget to vote tomorrow. 


Here are a few questions to P.B.R. on when you get into that room:

  • Is the room diverse?

  • Are you the smartest person in the room?

  • What does this room not talk about but should? 

Your answers may help you decide if you are in the right room.