Gratitude and Connections

If there was any doubt, confirmed that I'm Irish with 74.2% of my lineage coming from Emerald Isle. I know, I know, it's a big shocker.

And when you're Irish, there's only a short jog or perhaps a jig to the topic of luck.

I used to hate it when folks would say how lucky I was - especially during the early days of my recovery. It didn't want to hear it, but then I started a gratitude practice and found this quote from Warren Buffett.

"I am lucky to be born where I was. I have been lucky with parents, lucky with all kinds of things and lucky to be wired in a way that in a market economy, pays off like crazy for me." - Warren Buffett

With gratitude, I discovered, as Seth Godin wrote, that I won the lottery - talk about lucky. It's given me the opportunity to ride in one amazing peloton filled with other lucky and good from the inside out people.

And if you are reading this, by people, I mean you.

In today's go-go-go, hamster-wheel chase for status, it easy to take our connections for granted and assume that they will always be there. In these moments we forget that life isn't a solo ride.

This week's video is all about magic #8 in Shift (Be Grateful) and connections.

And as we finish 2018, I want to express how grateful I am for our connection. This year you made the hills less steep and the headwinds softer. I'm one lucky guy to have so many wonderful people in our peloton.

Thank you for making our peloton, our peloton this year:

Aaron, A.J., Abbe, Acquity, Adam, Adele, Age, Al, Alicia, Alessandra, Alex, Alexa, Allen, Amanda, Amazon, Amber, Amy, Andrew, Andro, Andy, Ann, Anna, Anne, Anthony, Apple, Archie, Arly, Armando, Arturo, Ash, Aud, Austin, Barb, Barbara, Beata, Dr. Beaty,, Bedford, Ben, Beth, Bev, Bill, Billy, Blythe, BMW, Bob, Bobby, Bonnie, Brad, Brenda, Brene, Brian, Brigitte, Brina, Brion, Brooke, Brother International, Bruce, Bryn, Caitlin, Carm, Carmen, Carol, Carols, Casaundra, Casey, Catherine, Caty, Center for Creative Leadership, Chad, Chaim, Charity: Water, Che, Cheryl, Chet, Chris, Christa, Christian, Christine, Jan, Christy, Christian, Chuck, Cindy, Claire, Cody, Coffee in general, Colin, Colleen, Conductive, Constance, Corey, Craig, Cyclesport, Dad, Damien, Dan, Dana, Daniel, Danielle, Danny, Darius, Darlene, Darren, Dave, David, Dawn, Dayne, Dean, Debbie, Debbie,Debora, Deddy, Demetria, Denise, Diane, Dieder, Dinta, Divya, Doel, Don, Donna, Doug, Drew, Dropbox, Eamonn, Ebony, Edgar, Eileen, Eliel, Elisa, Elise, Elizabeth, Ellen, Emanuele, Emerson, Emily, Eric, Erica, Erin, Eugene, Everett, Fabrica, Facebook, Faisal, Federico, Fei, Four Seasons, Fran, Francine, Frank, Freshbooks, Gabriel, Gareth, Garrett, Gary, Gemma, Gene, George, Greg, Gina, Glendell, Glenn, Go Daddy, Google, Graham, Grant, Grete, Greenleaf, Greg, Gregg, Gregory, Gunnar, Gus, Hannah, Harold, Harry, HBA, Heiko, Helen, Helena, Henry, Higgs, Hilton, Hogan, IG, Imani, Irina, J, JJ, JMU, Jack, Jaclyn, Jacquie, Jaime-Lee, James, Jami, Jamie, Jasmine, Jane, Jani, Jeanne, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jenn, Jennifer, Jenny, Jeremy, Jermaine, Jessica, Jessie, Jill, Jim, Jennifer, Jody, Joe, John, Julee, June, Henry, Joanne, Jon, Jordan, Jordana, Jorge, Juan, Jud, Judith, Julian, Jun, Justin, Kacie, Kaiser, Kam, Karyn, Karyn, Kate, Kathleen, Kathleen, Kathrin, Kathy, Katia, Katie, Kawanzaa, Kelly, Kelsey, Ken, Kendra, Kent, Kerry, Kevin, Kiki, Kim, Kirk, Kosta, Krista, Krista, Kristin, Kristine, Kristy, Kuria, Kwanza, Kyle, Lakashmi, Lana, Lara, Larry, Laura, Lauren, Lauri, Lauri, Laurie, Lee, Leigh, Leo, Lesley, Leslie, Leslieann, Lewis, Libsyn, Linda, Lindsey, LinkedIn, Linkester, Lori, Lisa, Liz, Lorrie, Lou, Luke, Lydia, Lynn, Lyudmila, Macy, Marc, Marcia, Marco, Mardene, Margaret, Maria, Maria, Marie, Marinda, Mark, Markus, Marriott, Marshall, Martha, Mary, Matt, Matthew, Max, Mayte, Mecca, Meg, Melinda, Melissa, Dr. Meyer, Michael, Middleton, Michele, Michele, Michelle, Mom, Robin, Mike, Tom, Miriam, Mohammad, Molly, Monica, Nancy, Natalie, Ned, Nicholas, Nicole, Nilsa, Oakley, OB - not me the other one, PMC, Pam, Pamela, Parisa, Patrica, Patti, Paypal, Peeps in The Pace Line, Peg, Pete, Peter, Phil, Paul, POC, Rachael, Rachel, Raj, Ramon, Randi, Rani, Ranjith, Ravissh, Rebecca, Renee,, Rhonda, Rich, Rick, Rita, Rocket 7, Rob, Robert, Roberta, Roger, Roman, Ron, Rose, Ross, Russell, Ryan,, Sally, Sandra, Sara, Sarah, Dr. Schenck, Scott, Sean, Sebastian, Sebatian, Selective, Seth, Shane, Shannon, Sharon, Shauna, Shelly, Sheryl, Shift Tip Peloton (that would be you), Sigfied, Skype, Soheyla, Sonia, Dr. Spector, Speedvagen, Squarespace, Stacey, Stacy,, Stan, Stephen, Steve, Steven, Stripe, Stuart, SuEllen, Sue, Suraj, SurveyMonkey, Susan, Susie, TC, Tammy, Tanya, Tatyana, Tawana, Team FLO, Ted, Teri, Terry, Thinkific, Tim, Tina, To Write Love on Her Arms, Tom, Traca, Tracey, Tracy, Travis, Trey, Tricia, Trish, Typeform, Tyra, Tyson, Tyler, Uber, Ulf, United, Untapped, USA Cycling, Van, Vanessa, Venmo, Vickie, Vicky, Victoria, Viv, Vivian, Wade, Wendy, Whitney, Will, Dr. Wickiewicz, William, Lydia, World Bicycle Relief, Yayha, Yisroel, Youtube, Yves, Yvonee, Zach, Zoom, Cru, Jester, Hope, Sally, Rosie and Elle, Grady, and most the valuable member of our peloton, my best friend and wife, Lynn.

Merry Christmas and have fun storming the castle this week.


p.s., This Shift Tip was inspired by A.J. Jacobs' book, Thanks a Thousand. It will be the featured book in our Pace Line Leadership Academy as we dive into Gratitude in February.

p.s.s., For SNL fans, you may remember where I recorded this week's Shift Tip. If you do, let me know.