Keep Pedaling - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Over the weekend I listened to Tim Ferris' interview with Lebron James and his trainer, Mike Mancias. As you may know, Tim made his mark by pursuing the latest performance hacks, but Lebron and Mike shared something that will always stand the test of time: consistency. 

When I first learned how to mountain biking in the Shenandoah Valley that hugs James Madison University, my coach told me that the best way to navigate obstacles like streams, rocks, and logs was to keep pedaling, don't coast or in other words, be consistent to move forward. 

This week's video is all about the value of consistency and how to remain focus on what will inspire you to keep pedaling while your competitors start to coast.

Watch Here:

And it's the best way to ensure that you have fun storming the castle. 

Happy Chanukah.   


p.s., If you are looking for a holiday gift that support others as they keep pedaling, here are a few charity organizations that you may wish to check out: 

World Bicycle Relief - The Gift of Mobility 
Charity: Water - The Gift of Health 
Global Giving - The Gift of Hope 
Doctors without Borders - The Gift of Health 
CamFed - The Gift of Literacy
To Write Love on Her Arms - The Gift of Happiness