Hamster Wheel - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Change, the kind that lasts, comes from focused determination to reach the next level. But the resistance within our comfort zones can slow our pursuit as we grind and try to get stuff done. 

It makes it easy to trade tomorrow's vision for today's 9-1-1. And although we may complain about being busy, our current drama can help us feel significant and essential. Yes, chasing the urgent, like a hamster on its wheel, is intense, but doesn't consistently create better tomorrows.

The next level, contra to today's microwave mentality, isn't reached overnight. We get there by setting a consistent pace that values the important over the urgent one pedal stroke at a time. Because if you want to be a leader who creates change that matters, you need to keep pedaling toward your next level vision. 

Otherwise, you will be left spinning in your wheel.

Have fun storming the castle!

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