You Had Me At Hello - Leadership SHIFT Tip

One of my favorite rom-com movies is Jerry Maguire. Although I never had a "mission statement" moment in my career, Jerry's principled "heart on his sleeve" passion is admirable.  

If you are a fan of the movie, I'm sure you remember some of its great lines like, "Naah, I air dry," "Show me the money," or "You're my ambassador of Kwan." 

And as an executive coach, I love the line, "Help me, help you." 

But there's one line that I don't love. It's when Jerry tells Dorothy, "You complete me."  

I get what Jerry is saying, but too many, especially this week, believe that they need to find someone who completes them. 

But that's not the case because we are already complete. 

We don't need to put our happiness in the hands of someone else. We should strive to make ourselves happy.  

Yes, finding a partner is a desire of many, but instead of believing you need someone to make you whole, find someone who will complement you.

Because that's the type of person you will have at hello.  

Happy (belated) Valentine's day everyone. 

Have fun storming the castle. 

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