Dogs Rules (And Cats Are Cool As Well) - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Over the weekend, we shooed away the rooster to welcome man and woman’s best friend and the year of the dog.

For the record, we are a dog family — we have three (that’s Hope in the photo — she’s so adorable) plus our lovable Rosie the cat. We once had four cats, but we were hesitant to admit that publicly because once you get past three cats, well…you know.

But I’m comfortable telling you. It will be our little secret, right?

If you’re not a dog person, I get it. Well, I don’t totally get it, but I still think you are terrific. Regardless of how you feel about dogs, I hope you can appreciate their approach to relationships.

They are a 10 out of 10, all-in, through-thick-and-thin type of a friend. From bad days to great ones, their love is unconditional.

Rosie? Let’s start by saying she’s fantastic — she’s staring at me as I write this post. But cats in general, Rosie included, well, they show up when they want to be there for you. Hey, I love cats, but dogs they are not.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you
more than you love yourself.”
- Josh Billings

What if we took a page from our dog’s playbook with our most important relationships?

What if we made the first move to make them a 10 out of 10?

What if we cared about ourselves, our most important relationship, as much as our dogs love us?

Instead of saying, “I’ll meet you in the middle,” what if stopped keeping score and tried to go all-in?

Do you think others would respond in kind?

Who knows, but it seems to work for our dogs.

Have fun storming the castle. You can bring your dog if you like, and, yes, even your Rosie can tag along.

p.s., I had the pleasure of joining one of our very cool peloton members, Scott Perry, on his podcast, Creative on Purpose. Click HERE to listen. We discussed resilience, gratitude, and faith in the process.

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