Swing For The Fences - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Sports and stories shift on the tension between the underdog and favorite as they dance for status. It’s why we tune in and read, listen, and watch. Why else would so many try to prognosticate the winner of the big dance known as March Madness?

But before March Madness became an unofficial national holiday and cycling became my true love, I was a crazy baseball fan with the requisite blankets, pillows, posters, and pennants.

To this day, my favorite team is the Toronto Blue Jays. After all, what little leaguer doesn’t grow up to root for Canada’s team? Hey, I said I was crazy. I even bought a Blue Jays jersey at historic Fenway Park in Boston.

The Jays, at least in the beginning, were perennial underdogs. The villains, sorry I mean favorites, were the New York Yankees. I know I can get Red Sox fan fist pump on that one.

The Yankees were the team I loved to hate. Growing up in New York, I couldn’t escape them and their all-star right fielder, Reggie Jackson. He was so smug and dramatic. It was so easy to root against him.

But today I’m a bigger person and can appreciate the greatness of New York’s Mr. October. In fact, his career provides some valuable lessons in risk-taking and why we should focus on our strengths.

In this week’s Video Shift Tip, I share his lessons and a few predictions on who will have more fun storming the castle.

You can watch by clicking HERE.