Going First - Leadership SHIFT Tip

You know that nothing changes until you do – so you go first. You don't worry about the risk; you focus on the gain. But changing a tribe isn’t easy. 

Along the way, you may trip and fall, but you get back up because you are resilient and believe in blue oceans, not red ones. You know that the best tribes are not monolithically dominant but rather a kaleidoscope of perspectives that give everyone a seat at the table. 

And although we may run to our tribal corners and try to outshout each other today, you remain hopeful. Because you know that empathy, compassion, and listening can create a better tomorrow. 

You know that through conversation we can build a society where the young and old; white and black; poor and rich; straight and gay; male and female; and urban and rural tribes all have a voice. Because ultimately we are in the same tribe even though we are not all the same. 

All it takes is for us to join you in going first and have conversation rooted in the belief that we are better together when we are united together. 

Have fun storming the castle!


"To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture, which depends on the quality of relationships, which depends on the quality of conversations.
Everything happens through conversations."

- Judith E. Glaser

Like Judith, I believe that everything happens through conversation. Unfortunately, our conversational intelligence as atrophied. 

That’s why I’ve created a free, five-day Conversation Challenge from April 2nd to 5th that can help you discover the lost art of conversation and build a trusting peloton. 

Click HERE to go first and save your spot.