Maybe You Should Quit - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Because I believe that sales and marketing pros are resilient, a few weeks ago I had Christopher Wirth from No Quit Living on my podcast to discuss persistence and positivity.

And since it’s a hard-hitting show, I had to ask him if there are times when it would be wise to quit. Ok, the first part isn’t true — it isn’t hard hitting, but it is fun and informative.


When I left corporate America, many thought I was making a rash decision in quitting or “retiring” as we called it. But they didn’t know that several years prior, I had sketched out the exact conditions that would cue my exit and help me pedal in a different direction.

Today the no-quit message is everywhere. In fact, when I Googled “value of quitting quotes,” all I got back were quotes about not quitting. The best I could find was, “Quit while you’re ahead.”

And I understand why. Experts like Chris are trying to help us realize that too many quit too soon. They give up and blame others for their troubles. In time, quitting becomes a habit and leads many to believe that not starting is the best bet.

But they also know that sometimes it’s wise to stop pedaling or at least pedal in a different direction.

If you wake up with dread about heading to the office or are bracing for a fight with the boss about how your company does things, why do you stay? Why do you continue to beat your head against that brick wall? Are you trying to convince us that you’re not a quitter?

Hey, we love your stick-to-it-ness, but we can see your energy drain as you force yourself to show up. We care about you. We want you to be happy because we believe you deserve happiness.

Don’t let your ego, pride, or insecurities trap you in a job that no longer works for you. Don’t let your stubbornness get in the way of your joy. Sometimes the best shift is to pedal in a different direction so you can create better tomorrows.

Have fun storming the castle.

p.s., During my executive days, I had an outstanding team of sales and marketing professionals who changed lives every day. My cornerstone was my former executive assistant, Marion Tucker. She inspired this Shift Tip. She is a pro’s pro.

On Friday she retired from our previous employer. She is loved, respected, and could have stayed for several more years, but she decided to pedal in a different direction to serve a different purpose.

Congratulations on a wonderful career Marion! We love you.

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