Sisu - Leadership Shift Tip

According to 23 and Me, it's clear that I'm not Nordic. But that didn't stop me from a little rah-rah - when I wasn't cheering for the U.S.A., of course - for the Nordic countries during the recent Olympic games. 

Between the biathlon, cross-country skiing, and Nordic combined, I learned a little something about Finland. It turns out that they have something called Sisu. For the Finns, it's part of their identity, and they even credit it for helping them defeat the Soviets during their Winter War.  

Sisu is what enables you to endure life's stressful situations and take extraordinary action against seemingly impossible odds.  

And as someone who loves resilience - heck there's even a resilience quiz on my website - and believes it's the super-power of the best sales and marketing professionals, sisu and resilience go hand in hand. Sisu is your untapped inner power that helps us push through those strong headwinds just before we bounce back. 

It appears when you slay your inner critic, activate your growth mindset, and determinedly put yourself out there after a job loss, collapse of a relationship, failed pitch, or even as you keep pedaling past your perceived physical limits. 

It has helped us face societal challenges that we once thought were impossible to conquer and boy do we need it today. And with all due respect to 23 and me, it sounds like we all might have some Nordic blood in us after all. This week try to find your Sisu.    

It will help you have fun storming the castle.

p.s., Click HERE to listen to my conversation with Brenda Baird on her podcast LEADRadio. We discussed resilience and moving from human doer to human being. If you want to learn more about Sisu, click HERE