#PressforProgress - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Here's some trivia to start your morning - it's National Peanut Cluster Day. Yes, that's right, the good old peanut cluster has its day in the spotlight. They must know a few folks in Washington, D.C or something. Just sayin'.  

But more importantly, it's also International Women's Day. In a world that sometimes has trouble seeing female leaders, (Where are the Women?) it's a day, started by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1911, to focus on our gender parity and diversity challenges.   

Today, many will dress in purple and #pressforprogress. Companies will distribute press releases and hold seminars to proclaim their progressiveness. By the end of the day, the buzz will leave us feeling hopeful. 

But the good vibes mean little if we don't do something tomorrow and the next day and the next day to close our gender parity gap.  

So go get your purple on and tweet, post, and share away. Do all that and more if desired. You can also read EY's study on gender parity or watch our videoShift Tip to discover how to create better tomorrows for all. 

Making progress on gender parity isn't a female thing. It's about making your business better. It's about building a better society. It's a "Us" thing, and we are not making as much progress as we could or should. 

Have fun storming the castle - it's more fun when we do it together  

Click HERE to watch this week's Video Shift Tip.