Comparison Trap - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When we moved from D.C. to New Jersey, it was easy to compare our old life against our new one — transition can do that to us. There were plenty of differences that ranged from bagels to traffic to the cost of living. And, of course, I found a new set of Joneses to chase, which left me feeling trapped and less than.

Luckily, my Last Bad Day gave me a chance to treat my comparison addiction. But when I moved from executive to entrepreneur, I found a new set Joneses to pursue until I stopped comparing my beginning to their middle.

There’s no doubt, there will always be someone with more _________ or better ____________ or further along.

It’s easy to see them as you scroll through social media or navigate your corporate silos. I bet your comparison addiction, from time to time, spurs you into motion, but most the time it leaves you frustrated, trapped, and far from feeling complete success.

Life, like strategy, is about choice. So if comparing yourself to the Joneses isn’t working, it’s ok to make a different choice and just do you.

Before you compare, watch this week’s Video Shift Tip by clicking HERE