The Last Three Turns - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Since Saturday’s wonderful weather turned blustery, I decided to spend today recovering, writing, and reading.

As I was flipping through Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss, I came across his interview with chess prodigy, Josh Waitzkin. Josh retold his experience skiing with ’60s Olympic legend Billy Kidd. Billy asked him, “Josh, what do you think are the three most important turns of a ski run?”

The answer, the last three before you get back on the lift for another run. Billy goes on to say, “For those of you who are skiers, that’s when the slope is leveled off, there’s less challenge. Most people are very sloppy then…they have bad form. The problem is that on the life ride back up, unconsciously, you’re internalizing bad body mechanics.”

However, “As Billy points out, if your last three turns are precise, then what you’re internalizing on the lift ride up is precision.”

It’s sage advice that can help us achieve complete success in work and life. It’s why we should pay attention to how we are showing up during the last five minutes of our meetings, pitches, and conversations.

It underscores the importance of making our last exercise rep or interval as strong as our first or viewing recovery as the “last three turns” that will spark a good workout tomorrow.

And it’s also why we should practice gratitude as we finish our day instead of mindlessly watching something that doesn’t help us create a better tomorrow.

Have fun storming the castle and share this with someone who could benefit from making their “last three turns” better.

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