Deleting Your Selfies - Leadership SHIFT Tip

A few weeks ago I was trying to record a video on my iPhone for my Five Day Conversation Challenge but kept getting an error message. It turns out that I didn’t have enough available memory. So I had to delete a bunch of photos, videos, and apps that I no longer needed to free up space.

The process brought me back to a Shift Tip I wrote early last year.

When we purchase a new smartphone or computer, its performance is terrific. The battery lasts forever. Everything works as advertised.

Then we start to add apps and functionality. Its performance slips. The battery lasts just a few hours before we frantically search for an outlet. We grow irritated with the damn spinning circle and hit command+option+esc to reboot. But it doesn’t fix our core issue. We begin to believe that the next version will make us happy.

So, are we mimicking our phones or vice versa as we hustle, grind, and keep busy? Perhaps, it’s a little bit of both.

When we mindlessly try to pack too much into our lives or onto our phones without priority or intention, the universe or Apple (or maybe a little bit of both) will continue to send us error messages.

In our corporate worlds of stop, start, and continue team building exercises, we are terrific at beginning something new tomorrow and holding on to yesterday’s stuff, but not so great at deleting what’s unhelpful today. But, at times, that’s what we need to do to improve our performance and realize complete success.

So if you want to get there, then get rid of what no longer serves you — which includes those selfies that seemed cool at the time but now leave you shakin’ your head.

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