"I Got It" - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Since I’m of a certain age, I was outside for most of my childhood. It took years for MTV and Atari to reach Dublin Road — and yes, this OBrien grew up on Dublin Road.

So my friends and I would play two-hand touch football, basketball 21 or Horse, flashlight tag, and even tennis (don’t tell my podcast cohost). One of my favorite games to play was 500.

All you need is a batter, a baseball, and a bunch of fielders. The fielders would score points for every pop-up, line drive, or ground ball they could grab. The first one to 500 points wins — easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

There was one rule, you had to call, “I got it” to capture the points. If you didn’t, well then, no points for you.

The rule also works at work. It’s easy to catch the ball hit right at you, but you will never get to 500 that way.

If you want to achieve sales, marketing, or entrepreneurial success, it requires the hustle and accountability that comes when you go after the ball and call out,”I got it.”

Have fun storming the castle!