Just Keep Swimming - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When my youngest was in elementary school she swam for the local pool. She was pretty fast, but during her races, she had a habit of stopping, turning, and looking behind her. When we asked her why, she told us, “I want to see if people are catching me.” We smiled and pulled a page from Dory’s successful swimming manual and recommended that she “just keep swimming.”

I thought about this parenting moment over the weekend when I was down in South Carolina to speak with the beautiful people at The American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine.

I was a little tired when I arrived at the hotel, so I ordered room service, turned on the Cavs game, and started to mindlessly scroll through curated photos and memes. I came across a post that asked, “What is your biggest regret?” At that moment, my answer was, mindlessly scrolling through Instagram.

Whether we are swimming, hustling, or living, it’s tempting to look back to see if anyone is catching us or ruminate on what we did or didn’t say or do, but that energy doesn’t help us move forward. If you want to achieve complete success, it’s better to follow Dory’s advice or ask a different question like, “What is my greatest possibility?”

Have fun storming the castle!

And speaking of possibilities, I’ve created a new Private Facebook Group for sales and marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to help you make progress toward complete success.

If you believe that:

  • We are better when we work together.
  • When you give, you get much more back.
  • Better conversations lead to stronger pelotons.

Then it’s a perfect group for you. And since we are all selling and marketing something, regardless of title, don’t worry if you don’t have sales and marketing in your job description.

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