Namaste - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Growing up I loved my mom's cooking, but wasn't that varied. We had a routine that included pork chops on Wednesday and meatloaf on Thursday. 

So when we went to the local Chi-Chi's, it felt like we were rockin' our international mojo. Hey, nothing says global citizen like a Chimichanga. 

In 1996, I joined a Japanese company, and it seemed like everyone was into sushi - for those of a certain age, we remember when it was exotic, and you couldn't get at the Kroger in landlocked Kentucky.  But up to '96, I had never had it. To be honest, I thought it was little odd. Like, who eats raw food? 

But when in Rome...

Before 2001, I thought meditation was weird. Like, who sits and focuses on their breath? But during my Last Bad Day recovery, I started a practice. I would wake up, get into my wheelchair, and head off to a quiet place in the hospital. There I would meditate and set my intentions for the day.  It made such a difference that I continued my practice as I returned to corporate life.  

You may think meditation is weird or too hippie-dippie for corporate America. You may have tried a session or two and determined it's not for you.  

But there many benefits to meditation especially as we navigate our busy. It builds resilience and our ability to respond versus react. And it could be your secret sauce to better sales and marketing.  Hey, you spend, or least plan to spend, hours at the gym, don't you think your brain could use a little training as well? 

Here's my prediction, in a few years, meditation will loss it's woo-woo label. We will stop judging it as odd because the data will prove that those who are best at creating better tomorrows have a meditation practice.  

So give it a try, and after your session, we can grab some sushi.  Here are some great resources to get you started. 

Have fun storming the castle! Namaste.  

Happy Easter and Passover for those celebrating.  

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