How to Achieve Complete Success - Leadership SHIFT Tip

The moment before Lynn started to walk down the majestic staircase in Leesburg, VA and up the aisle, I caught a glimpse of her beauty and personality that I will never forget. At that moment, all I wanted was to make her the happiest woman alive.

We all have countless “moments before” we take action. Moments when others can’t see what we see. Moments that we often fail to notice before hitting send, having an important conversation, ordering our latte, or saying “I do.” Moments when we can set our intentions and choose how we want the other person to feel.

For those who have read my memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows, you know that Lynn is the star of my last bad day recovery. Twenty-four years ago today she walked down that staircase, and we exchanged our wedding vows.

She is the reason our peloton exists, and every moment since that “moment before,” all I’ve wanted to do was to make her the happiest woman alive.

In our hustle and grind, we often miss our “moments before” as we race into the main event. But if you wish to achieve complete success, it’s best to pause and take them in. Because what you say or do next could last a lifetime.

Have fun storming the castle!

And Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in our peloton.

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