Laurel vs Yanny - How to Have a Better Conversation

In addition to giving us a distraction from our hustle, our current internet debate offers insights into why so many of our conversations drain us and fail to hit the mark.

So, who did you hear? Yanny or Laurel?

Regardless of your answer, silly debates like Yanny or Laurel or 2015’s The Dress underscore that perspective matters, and, in the case of our present-day audio challenge, meaning resides with the listener.

The standard assumption is that meaning resides with the speaker. Oh, wouldn’t it be great if this was true? Life would be so much simpler. We would get more stuff done if our friends, family, and colleagues did exactly what we said, right? Yep, when we are the speaker our egos like to think that we are all that and a bag of chips.

Unfortunately, the meaning of every keynote, sales pitch, marketing campaign, email, parent-teacher conference, or Facebook post resides with the listener or reader. Because people filter what we are saying based on their catalog of experiences, emotions, and beliefs. That’s why sometimes we hear and see things so differently.

But, as the Yanny vs Laurel debate rages on, there’s something we can do today to have a better conversation — take a moment to acknowledge, validate, and circle back to ensure that what you said is what others heard.

And if you are curious, I heard Laurel.

Have fun storming the castle!