What's Your Favorite Movie? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

My first professional mentor helped me in so many ways I can't imagine my career without her guidance. She was also the first person to reference the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA). A few years later I would become a member. 

Today in NYC, the HBA will recognize a host of excellent female leaders who will shape the future of healthcare, drive gender parity, and build merit-based corporations.

This same mentor was also great at asking thought-provoking questions. She once asked me to name my favorite book. To be honest, I thought her curiosity was a bit odd because we were talking about my future career goals. Plus, I wasn't that much of a reader in those days so I was a bit embarrassed when I couldn't come up with one. 

So, she asked me to name my favorite movie. 

To discover my answer and why she wanted to know, click HERE to watch this week's Video Shift Tip. 

Congratulations to the HBA award winners. Enjoy your moment - we are counting on your continued leadership.     

Have fun storming the castle! It's better when we do it together.