How to Soothe a Sore Bum - Leadership SHIFT Tip

As an experienced cyclist, I get asked many "How to...?" questions from the newly converted. 

  • How do you use those pedals?
  • How do you shift gears?
  • How do you shave your legs? (just from the guys, of course)
  • And my favorite, How do you deal with a sore bum? 

Learning something new can be challenging - not to mention frustrating.  It involves feeling stupid, and maybe a little sore, at first on the way to feeling confident.  

The same can be said when we are learning a new strategy, playing a new instrument, or networking with a new tribe. The frustration can lead us to believe that the old way was ok.  

But when we only focus on the choppiness of the beginning, we can lose sight of our future possibilities.   

It's also true when we try to shift our conversations.  At first, choosing to be present, listening, curious, and empathic can feel awkward. The old way of telling, as opposed to discovering, can seem good enough. 

But if we stick it out, keep pedaling, and get through the uncomfortable, there are beautiful things on the other side: better relationships, complete success, and, of course, a bum that isn't sore.

Have fun storming the castle! 

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