What's Your KPI? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Data — it’s our current obsession — we seem to measure everything from sales to steps to sleep. With its ubiquitousness, it’s easy to add another data slice, chart, or key performance indicator to our crowded dashboards.

But with too much data, it becomes harder to understand if we are happy or sad as we scroll through pie charts and histograms during our weekly metric reviews.

“Not everything that can be counted counts,
and not everything that counts can be counted.” -Einstein.

Although we may agree that impressions, spend, or the number of customers can be counted and count, our data gets fuzzy when we try to determine what drives our complete success.

Is it the number of steps you take? The hours of sleep you get?

During a recent keynote, I shared that my most important KPI is the number of days since my last bad one. It stands at 6,186.

What KPI is most crucial to your complete success?

My hunch is Fitbit and Garmin can’t measure it.

Have fun storming the castle!