What Would Lloyd Dobler Do? - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Over the weekend the fam and I went to a 30th-anniversary screening of Say Anything along with a conversation with John Cusack. I love the movie, and Cusack is one of my favorite actors. 

Three decades later it still has that emotional charm as sensitive kick-boxer, Lloyd Dobler, and valedictorian, Diane McCourt, navigate teenage romance. 

There are many things to love about the story and some of the lines like,  "Igave her my heart, she gave me a pen," "The world is full of guys. Be a man. Don't be a guy," and my favorite, "I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that...I don't sir, I can't figure it outtonight. I just want to hang with your daughter" are timeless. 

When my friend Traca learned we were at the event, she shared something that gets to the heart of the film's essence, "You know what I love about that film? Doing what you want, with conviction...Do whatever it takes to get the girl? That's something everyone can understand."

Achieving complete success takes emotional labor. It's the "putting myself out there" risk that scares many. It requires an against-all-odds belief that impossible is just a label until we make it happen.   

You may remember that the movie ends with Lloyd and Diane flying off to London to start a new chapter together. 

As the flight takes off, she turns to him and says, "Nobody thinks this will work out, do they?" In response, Lloyd shares, "That's the start of every great success story.

Now is probably a good time to queue up Peter Gabriel's In Your Eyes

Make today the day you start your success story. 

Have fun storming the castle!

p.s., The Pace Line Academy's launch is now just 17 days away, but it takes conviction to be part of it. More details will be coming shortly. Stay tuned.