Get Busy...On the Right Things - Leadership SHIFT Tip

During my bike race last week, I overheard two competitors busy discussing their mid-race strategy. With a motivating spirit, one said to the other, "These next two miles are the most important. Let's go!" 

Ah, bless their hearts. Yes, the next two miles were challenging, but they were far from the most important. Those miles happen before the start and after the finish of every race. 

When I first got into cycling, a mentor told me that I should get busy focusing on the first and last miles. The first mile, as he shared, happens before the gun goes off and it's about your training and mindset. Then he added, the last mile starts after you cross the finish line. It's your chance to analyze and game plan for future.   

Recently, I met business leader, Rory Vaden, and he shared his first mile/last mile productivity model.  Regardless of where you compete, from sports to business, your success pivots on how well you focus on these two miles. They give you an opportunity to clarify your priorities, strategy, and intentions, as well as, setting you up to be remarkable over the long haul. 

But today it seems that we are too busy for first mile-last mile attention. After all, we need to keep moving because we need to get shi(f)t done - there's just no time. Right? 

Click HERE to watch this week's video Shift Tip and discover what happens when we think we are too busy to focus on our most essential miles.  

Until Monday, have fun storming the castle!