Look Who Can Drive - Video SHIFT Tip

Yesterday I celebrated the 17th anniversary of my Last Bad Day. Thank you for all the well wishes.

During breakfast, my oldest shared, “Your last bad day can drive now Dad. How cool is that?” Her comment gave me a good laugh. Last year she wrote this blogto the guy who hit me which gave me a good cry. July 11th tends to be a beautiful mixture of emotions.

In this week’s video Shift Tip, I share some thoughts from yesterday. I hope they, along with our other Shift Tips, help you avoid your “SUV” and put your last bad day in the rearview mirror.

As a reader and subscriber of The Shift Tip, I want to thank you for being part of our peloton and giving me the energy to keep pedaling. You are always part of my daily gratitude practice.

Ok — time to switch gears — sorry for another cycling analogy. :)

Many have asked for more information about The Pace Line Academy. Well, let’s start here. First off, it’s filled with awesome sauce and it’s built for people like us who wish to accelerate our careers, slay our inner critic, and improve the lives of those around us. It’s for those who wish to achieve complete success.

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VIP (and as a reader, you are a VIP) enrollment will be open from July 18th to 23rd and will come with perks. Open enrollment will run from July 24th to July 31st.

Have a great weekend and fun storming the castle!


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