How to Win Wimbledon - Leadership SHIFT Tip

During the last few days, I was in Dallas for the National Speakers Association meeting. It was productive, albeit a bit weird.

Before Sunday’s program, I flipped on the telly (as they say in London) to catch some of Wimbledon’s Tennis Championship — minus the strawberries and cream, unfortunately.

Before the start, tennis legends Chrissy Evert and John McEnroe shared their analysis of the women’s championship and Serena’s performance — although she didn’t win, let’s pause this Shift Tip to acknowledge how much Serena rocks.

In Chrissy’s analysis, she shared that the last four major winners prevailed because of consistency, not power.

In a world that tends to pay more attention to force or the extremes. Where the huge innovation and personality can overwhelm the importance of the basics or the value of being relatable, we may fail to create the space that values consistency, connection, and the lack of unforced errors.

Hey, we all love to hit a winner or two, but the key to winning championships on the court and in the conference room also demands consistently and not hitting the ball into the net.

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Until Thursday, have fun storming the castle!


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