How to Slay Your Inner Critic - Leadership SHIFT Tip

A few weeks ago I was at my favorite bike shop, Cyclesport, in Park Ridge, NJ. The owners, Mike and Tracy, hosted my first book signing and have copies for sale.

As I was checking out, another customer came to the register and started flipping through my memoir, Shift.

Cue my thought bubble.

“Wow, how cool is this?!? Will she buy it? Gosh, I hope so. Should I say something? Naw, like what would you say anyway? Pump your brakes ego. Plus, what if you tell her that you are the author, and she gives you that face — you know the one, and she puts it down?” That would be horrible. So don’t say anything — just play it cool. Yes, cool is good.

And get your focus back on the conversation you are having with your mechanic. Yes, yes, that’s right. I need to focus. Ok, what were we talking about? I sort of forgot — you know she may buy my book.

Wait, what is she doing? Ugh, she put the book down. Bummer. Thank God, you didn’t say anything. That would have been sooo embarrassing if you said you were the author and she didn’t buy it. You totally played it right.”

After walking around the store, she came back up to buy a gift certificate for her sister and then she asked Mike, “How much is the book?”

Cue thought bubble. “Heck Yeah!”

Discover how the story ends and how our thoughts and emotions influence our ability to create a better tomorrow by watching this week’s Video Shift Tip.

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