How to Get Things Done - Leadership SHIFT Tip

It takes force to tighten a screw, but when tightened too much, it can become stripped and lose its power.

It’s easy to use the strength of status to power-over and force things to get done. The stress of force works — in the short run that is.

Heck, force may have gotten you here.

But if you don’t want to run the risk of stripping away trust, you also need to use a little finesse. Finesse is the power-with, long-term approach that strengthens connections and gets more things done.

It could be something to add to your toolbox that will help you get there, create a better tomorrow, and achieve complete success.

And speaking of complete success, there’s only a day left to register for the Pace Line Academy.

Hey, every great peloton has a few procrastinators that can sprint like crazy at the end. But you are making us a little nervous because we know how valuable The Pace Line will be for your career and life.

The Pace Line’s goal is to assist in you achieving complete success by:

  1. Growing your career faster
  2. Slaying your self-narrative of doubt and worry
  3. Strengthening your network

As a member, you get the following and more:

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  • Access to Personality, Energy, and 360 Assessments

We can achieve complete success with awareness, acceptance, and action. You have Pace Line Academy awareness, and perhaps you are coming close to accepting that getting more out of your career and life will take a different approach.

The next step is action, and I hope it will include joining The Pace Line Academy.

It just happens to be one cool way to have fun storming the castle!

Here’s the link to register one last time today.

See you in The Pace Line! Thanks for reading.



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