One Key to a Better Life - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Advanced degrees. The American dream. Planes, trains, automobiles, and, of course, bicycles. They all promise it. 

When we have it we often take it for granted.  That is until we lose it. Then we begin to worry about what will happen without it.  

Mobility is an essential element of connection and a key to a better life, but without it, we can feel stuck and isolated.  

Seventeen years ago on July 11th, I temporarily lost my mobility on my last bad day. It left me lonely, afraid, and uncertain about my future.   

My pursuit to regain my mobility is one of the reasons why I donate the proceeds to my memoir, Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows to World Bicycle Relief (WBR). Their mission is to help girls and women conquer the challenge of distance by giving them mobility, independence, and vitality.  

When you change a life anywhere, you change lives everywhere. 

In celebration of My Last Bad Day (LBD), I'm giving away (yep, that means free - all you need to do is to pick up shipping) 50 autographed copies of Shift.  ClickHERE by midnight on July 11th to get your copy.   

And in the spirit of mobility, The Pace Line Academy launches later this month to help you advance your career and slay your negative self-talk that limits your mobility. It's a fresh, self-compassionate development approach that can replace or supplement what isn't working well enough today.  

Wednesday will be a special day of gratitude at our house and I'm very thankful that you are along for the ride. I'm looking forward to our continued journey together.  Thank you - <3.

Click HERE to secure your waitlist spot and this week's Shift Tip 20% promo code  - Peloton VIP enrollment opens on July 18th.

Until Thursday, have fun storming the castle!



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