Lego and Leadership - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Growing up, I loved creating things with Lego, especially skyscrapers. Back then we didn’t have the elaborate sets of today, so our imagination ruled the day, and one principle was absolute, establish your foundation before building too high.

If you didn’t, well, you know that picking up the pieces isn’t as fun as putting them together.

It’s a principle worth remembering in today’s economy.

The temptation to expand your team is enticing. At first blush, it seems like the pathway to the next level, but without the proper inspection, you may not notice a foundation weakened by self-inflicted inefficiencies or a lack of prioritization that will only get worse if you build too high too quickly.

And the best way to ensure that your foundation is strong enough to build on ittomorrow is to work on strengthening it today.

Have fun storming the castle!