How to Create an Accountable Culture - Leadership SHIFT Tip

When I was younger and misbehaved, there were consequences — I’m sure you’ve been there. As a result, I spent hours in my bedroom thinking about my actions. I was being held accountable.

Over time I developed a negative connotation with accountability. I only saw it as a fancy way of placing blame, guilt, or fault.

So when I started my career and learned that it was a favorite corporate bingo word, I got worried and thought heads were gonna roll. We were all going to be sent to our rooms to think about our behavior or possibly worse. It was just another way of playing the “Power Over” blame game, I thought.

After all, I heard a lot about holding people accountable and getting fired but never accountability and being promoted.

But over time I knew that my perspective needed to shift to create a bettertomorrow.

Watch this week’s Video Shift Tip to discover an exercise that can help you infuse more accountability and energy into your company’s culture.

Have fun storming the castle!


p.s. The topic of accountability is too big for just one Shift Tip. Stay tuned for more ways to create an accountable culture.