CV of Failures - Leadership SHIFT Tip

From job interviews to biz dev pitches to social feeds, it seems that the world is turning Disney - that is, everything shared seems so perfect. 

Last week, I discovered an article, Talking about Failure is Crucial for Growthand something called the CV of Failures.  

Unfortunately, many spend more time trying to select the right filter instead of acknowledging their blemishes. They hide behind a mask of perfection or critique others to divert attention.  

Acknowledgment isn't about tolerating mediocre performance. It's about embracing reality and the belief that we can learn best from our less brilliant moments. Because when we critically judge and repress our wabi-sabiexperiences, it's hard to build a peloton of trust, relatedness, accountability, and resilience. 

And since it's true that many organizations are better at pointing fingers at what's wrong instead of recognizing what is right, you may want to start with self-acceptance to spark your growth. Because if you can silence your inner critic, the external critics don't sound as loud. 

Of course, you have a choice. You can choose to believe that everything is perfect, but that's like thinking no one cries at Disney. And we know that isn't true. Just ask a parent, and they will say that even with the puddles, their vacation was perfect.

Have fun storming the castle!

p.s., Click HERE to see my CV of Failures. Each bullet created a better a tomorrow, and I don't consider them failures - they were growth opportunities dressed in a different costume.