What to Pack for Your Journey - Leadership SHIFT Tip

Where’s everyone going?

From celebrities to friends, doesn’t it seem like everyone is “on their journey?”

Gosh, I sure hope everyone packed appropriately.

Earlier this week one of our peloton members shared a story about Bryce Carlson. On Saturday he set the record for rowing alone across the Atlantic.

Now that’s a journey.

In this week’s Video Shift Tip, I share two things from Bryce’s story that could help you on your journey toward complete success and a better tomorrow.

Watch this week’s video to discover what you should pack…


Until Monday, have fun storming the castle!

p.s., Oh, since three is the magic number, let’s add resilience to your journey packing list. You and your team can discover your Resilience Quotient (RQ) by taking The Resilience Quiz. Just text SHIFT to 72–000 to discover your RQ.