How to Have a Good Year - Leadership SHIFT Tip

How to Have A Good Year - Leadership SHIFT Tip  - Peloton Coaching



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Back in 1993, this lapse Catholic nervously walked into a synagogue for the first time to join my future wife for Shabbat services. That evening I first connected with Temple Micah's Rabbi, Danny Zemel. He would later oversee Lynn's conversion a few years into our marriage. 

Twenty-five years later Micah continues to be an impressive community and is considered one of America's most influential Reform Synagogues. 

But like other impressive pelotons, it didn't start this way. 

When founded in 1963 they held their services in St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in a tough part of SW D.C. Danny joined Micah in 1983 and day by day shaped it into a "smart, messy place with a soul."

Today they hold their services in a beautiful synagogue in Northwest, D.C., and you can feel its charm in the congregation's warmth, inclusion, and compassion that Danny shaped one connection at a time. 

Whether you are building a business, career, or community, it's wise to avoid comparing your beginning to someone's middle because there's still no such thing as an overnight success.   

Instead, follow Danny's lead and build something with a soul one connection at a time. It's the best way to create remarkable pelotons and good years. 

Shanah Tovah - Happy Rosh Hashanah. 

Have fun storming the castle. 

p.s., Last week one of our peloton members, Health and Wellness Partnerscelebrated their 13 year anniversary.  This female lead organization has a beautiful soul, changed countless lives, and built their company one connection at a time. Congratulations HWP!